Tickling Rage.

Can we just do away with newspapers now? How much more brown nosing and arsefuckery can a nation take? And it doesn’t matter who’s side you are on.Every day, something in a paper online shows just how much brown nosing certain papers – The Sun, Daily Mail/Mirror – have been doing. It’s times like these that really show them up. And they don’t care if what they say factually incorrect. If it looks like it hurts the other side, then they really don’t care.

Journalism is fast going the way of the dodo – extinct. Reading what happens in your country used to be how you had a laugh in your day. How you found out what is happening. I used to enjoy looking through a newspaper – be it online or in print. But now? I guess i am more jaded and ask more questions than I used to and am starting to see through the bullcrap and lies is printed. 

Opinions are a fickle thing. One day you’ll love what so-and-so is flogging you to buy or who they dating or what their next single is, but woe be tide that celeb having an opinion that is SO out there that you rupture a blood vessel and stop liking them.”how dare they think like that! How dare they think like a human being and not some robotic arsehole!” Sound familiar? There  are things that some of the people I follow that i don’t like. I have even been known to turn my nose up at a new Depeche Mode song, but i love the whole album. Doesn’t stop me from liking them. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to have Dave Gahan’s babies…..wait, did I say that out loud? What I am trying to say is, its ok to not like certain aspects of your fav star. And it’s ok for them to have opinions that aren’t the same as yours. The thing is, this doesn’t mean you have the right to troll them for it.

So Boris Johnson got elected on a ballot box full of lies. And when he opened that box, whilst sat with his brown nosed cabinet, all those promises just up and flew away. NO politician will give you what they say they will on an election run. No politician ever has. Many have tried. Or have given it to you with caveats and penalties. This all goes to show that it is not and never will be the person someone votes into office. Be it a prime minister or a president. It is a system that allowed them there. Once you break the system and install a new one, maybe then absolute change will arrive. 

The one image that has made me both chuckle and get mad this christmas, is not one of Meghan and Harry. It wasn’t even the one of Kris Jenner giving a 2 year old a mini house….. No. Its was the images of supermarkets with shelves empty and people fighting over what’s left. Seriously people. There are people in this world who would kill for just half a carrot to feed their family, or to even have a present to open on christmas day. Why do folk buy up a month’s worth of food when they will throw alot of it away? Sure I get it. I used to be just like that. Buying all the best of what a shop had, because you HAD to have it cos it’s Christmas. Fuck that I bought 5 christmas pods – theres only 2 of us. They were in a sale. Yes, that really happened. But then I got wise. Money got really tight one year and it taught me how to be frugal but still have a great time. I’ve also gone vegetarian too,so that kinda cut down the cost too. The fun8est thing to do on christmas day is make your own nut roast and the cooking of all the veg. 

So for next year,stop and think just a little bit. Do you really need it? And remember, consumerism will kill us all. Eventually.

I want to end this first post of the new year on a high. Why? Cos i can. And i really must. You see, there ARE good things in this world. If you look hard enough. Like people helping the homeless – even if there are some arseholes who think its a crime. People who want to end war, who want to tackle climate change because this world has had enough and we need to take better care of her, those who fight for the truth to be exposed. And you don’t have to like the messenger, just take in what is being said. Maybe even do a little research of your own, you know, to form your own opinion.This is something, I think we as a whole, have lost along the way.  And don’t always be on the side of the majority. That helps no-one.

So to all the  helpers, the truth seekers, the fighters, those who speak for the dead and dying and the young, to the ones who fight to make things easier for people in need – no matter where the help is needed, to all the asskickers – i want to say that YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. Don’t ever stop just because some orange, small handed wanker and his minions says you can’t. Never give in. Never give up. And most importantly – keep fighting!

Here’s to an awesome 2020 for all!