Stating The Obvious

Jesus fucking hell. I wish people would do some damn research into shit they post. Seriously. Before actually posting something, make sure someone can’t just go and figure out that what you’ve just posted is total pile of bullshit. In the nearly 10 years or so since I’ve really been interested in politics, I’ve noticed that not everyone will read an article or watch a video and also do some kind of research for themselves. To be honest, alot of the re-posts of things that are posted, are from people who haven’t read the article and are only re-posting it because of who has posted the original piece and/or who wrote/made the article/video. This is how propaganda spreads lies and fake news. It seems that people still don’t care who says what, as long as someone else says it. If it conforms to their beliefs – they’ll re-post it. 

Fucking America and its military industrial complex is at it again. With an election year upon us, and Trump chest deep in an impeachment, what better way to gee up the public than to go and bomb the shit out of a country and send more troops to “defend” america than to incite war. Altho, to be fair on the US, it’s not like its anything new to them. 

And holy shit! As I write this a few things have happened. Trump killed someone from another country, he is trying SO hard to pass it off as something that will protect america. Also, Iran is now offering a maooosive bounty on Trump’s head. Will world war 3 happen? That’s debatable. To  be honest, I don’t think america will. Iran might, but not america. Even though they are the ones instigating all this crap. One good thing that has come out of all this – stock in weapons companies have shot up. So win win all round,right?

What has struck me over the past couple of days, what with this impending war with Iran,is the lack of anything in the news, either with the independent news or the MSM, about any protests. There were few people reporting on the fact that there are still people in this world who don’t want any kind of war. No matter who it is with. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Nothing that is so important is ever conveyed to the masses. The MSM has their nose so far up the establishments arse, they can also smell the rotting flowers. Whilst looking thru their rose tinted cut-price, plaster taped glasses. Yes there ARE people protesting about the impending doom that, or may not, happen in the middle east. Yes there are those who continue to report on this and more, even if seems to go in one ear and out the other. Some of us listen. Some of us protest. And we will continue to do our bit until someone, somewhere listen to our voices.

And then you have the UK’s position on all this – “We didn’t know about it, we don’t want the US to bomb any cultural sites but we don’t mind them killing someone who was there trying to sort out some kind of peace in the middle. And killing supposed allies in the process. So, do what you want, just let us know in future. OK,America?” 

People will believe anything if all you are being told is what the dark moneyed establishment is telling you. People will click and re-post shit they see online simply because the headline screams theirs beliefs. If you want to know the truth, if you REALLY want to know, do more than just scratch the surface of a story. Go down deep. Do some research. Read up on stuff. Watch videos,no matter how hard it is to watch. Get your own bloody view. Change it if you need to. And listen. Listen to those to perceive to tell whats what. Cos if you don’t,you only ever have 1 side to a story. Only ever have a lopsided version of a story. So, can we in 2020 be the reporters that the MSM are failing to be? Report the truth. Posts the images,the videos of how the politicians are fucking us all over. Cos if we don’t, no-one will.