A 2019 Look Back Rant.

I sit here at my desk, waiting for the year to end. Please let it end! I don’t know how much more of this assfuckery i can take. You know that sound that nails make as they are being scratched down a chalkboard? That’s how it feels to have lived and breathed thru this year. Admittedly, there have been the odd one or two rays of light in a sea of dumbfuckery. But i’ll get to those a bit later.

As the shops light up brighter than a politicians morals, i feel i must remember and say fare ye well to what has gone. Or in plain english – fuck off and die 2019! That sound a tad harsh? Maybe. But think about it. This year has seen british politics taken over by the oligarchy of debauchery – Brexit. They have had 4 fucking years to get this deal sorted. And as always, they leave it right till the last minute. And the British press propaganda that has gone along with, is just mind blowing to the Nth degree. We, the general public, will never know what this deal consists of. Nor will we know just how shit it really is until many years down the line when we look back and say – “Good lord,that was bloody awful! How dare they sell us out!” And I have said many times before, that this “deal” reminds me so much of the TTIP that never was.

And lets not forget that only 1% of the british voters, voted in Boris Johnson as prime minister this year. If that doesn’t show up how rubbish the voting system is in this country, i don’t know what is. Altho i guess we should be thankful we don’t have a voting system like that in America. To be fair tho, what other choice did we have? After all Boris was coached by none other than Steve Bannon. Name sound familiar? It should. He was a big part of Trump’s electoral campaign. Trump’s P.A if you like. Bannon even had a post in the white house. But then, for some reason he got booted out. He then came over here and started schooling Boris as Trump mark 2. Has he succeeded? Well, at the time of writing, we don’t know. But if Johnson wins this election, then yes. And Trump will have power over someone else too. Because you know, Trump treats countries as his personal companies than he can just do what he likes with. 

Take his beef with China. America needs China more than China needs america. And that is why the US going in hard with a scrupulous amount of sanctions. I must also add that China is one of those countries that has said it doesn’t want to trade in american dollars. Iran is another country that has said that too. And America has sanctioned them too this year. But there’s no coincidence tho,right? It’s all to do with nuclear weapons. 

As more and more countries around the world held massive protests about the unjust laws that their politicians have been forcing upon them, is the time of a global revolution just around the corner? Is this the time of a great upheaval and when we see the beginning of a more just and fair world? Seeing people holding up signs, marching to the beat of drums,signing songs of hope and peace and anger, bring much hope for the future of where the human race as a whole could go. For those who repeatedly try to peddle fake news and try and degrade those who tell the truth, are getting their comeuppance. Karma is the giant show kicking them up the arse. I hope that this trend doesn’t fade. And if you feel like you want to stand up for whats wrong, then do it. Doesn’t matter if all you can do is just retweet or re post something that keeps the topic in people’s minds. THAT is what is needed. Keep the ideas alive. As they say, you can’t kill an idea. The ripple of dissent will wash away the centuries of shit that’s clogging up the toilet of politics.

There was also the imprisonment of one Julian Assange. Now, Assange is a bit like Marmite. You either love him, or hate. There ain’t no inbetween. And what with those who are protesting about him being imprisoned, which i get. Altho, the UK is not the only country to imprison people for saying the truth. But I think one of the other things about this case that many have seen fit to overlook, is the conditions of all prisons in the UK. Prisons should be livable, but some say that these places are not up to that standard. Many were built in the 1900’s and so are crumbling and dilapidating. Most need to be refurbished so that at least those inside are warm. But it’s not just the prisons themselves. It’s the guards who look after them. There are those who will blatantly flaunt those power for their own gain.

Israel went on an epic rampage this year. Many at mass protests held by Palestinians who were rightly angry at Israel for demolishing their homes, were killed. Including children. Was this outrage spread across the world and condemned by world leaders? Heck no. And why would they when most have a vested interest in keeping Palestine and Israel as it is. They don’t care about the loss of life that happened. They only care about they powerful “friends” that they make in this world. All to help progress to the top. Israel killed these folk because they were standing up for the forefathers and their families who were being ousted from their homeland. Killing anyone, no matter who you are or where you are from, just so you can seem the bigger person, is wrong. Always was and always will be.

What else happened? Mmmmmm, oh yeah an impeachment came to pass. I can finally tick that one off my bucket list.But back to the point. To put it bluntly, it’s all very well to impeach Trump BUT Pence ain’t much better. In fact he’s worse. And he does it all with a smug smile. And Trump is far from the problem. Getting rid of him will not solve the problem. And his administration has shown many just how crap, criminal and corrupt the government really is. So getting rid of him is  like losing the cap on a bottle and just using any old thing to replace it. But it doesn’t quite fit. Trump, and all presidents before him, are nothing more than figureheads to big conglomerate headed by old,white oligarchs. Pence will be the latest in a very long line.

All in all, I think this year has been one of hope. Hope that people are finally,after many,many years, seeing through the lies and bullcrap that MSM and the powerful try so desperately to shove down our throats everyday via what they laughingly call News. If we can keep this powerful objective around the world, keeping the powerful in line and accountable, then I think you can safely say that things ARE changing. And for the better. No one said getting a change would be easy or quick, but i believe. This left or right thing is so old news. I’m going straight down the middle. Less congestion down that path. 

My one hope for 2020 is that I continue to see through the lies and the bulllshit that the politicians and the mainstream media continue to force feed us everyday. If i can get even a slight slippery grasp on what the fuck is going on, how to unfurl the grasping bloody fingers of the powerful, then i shall be one step closer to that better world we all talk about. 

Will you join me?